Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Blue Vengeance

Squad up! This week the gang watched J. Christian Ingvordson's "lost" metal horror movie BLUE VENGEANCE (1989)!Recently, Vinegar Syndrome but out 2k restoration of this obscure instant classic with tons of special features.  Plus: Catch and Release, Songs on Trial, a Fun Film Fact, Listener Feedback, James Best T-shirt Winners, and so much more! Leave us a 5 star iTunes review and we'll read it on the show, or just call our CompaƱeros hotline (724)2GO-GO69 aka (724)246-4669!   also: evil genius, terrace house, arrested development, necropolis, lethal lady, no retreat no surrender, tough guys don’t dance, severed VHS, wolf eyes, martin rev, alan vega, suicide, amir shervin, young rebels, killing american style, John rad, samurai cop, robert z’dar, welcome home brothers charles, phantom of the ritz, the coasters, and tons of other shit. Listen in here

The Divine Enforcer

We're 2 years old! So why not venture into a 1992 movie starring Eric Estrada, Robert Z'Dar, Jim Brown, and Don Stroud!? Thank you Justy. This is why he's our special little boi.    Plus:  Catch and Release, PG Boobs, Songs on Trial: Big Dog Edition, James Best -- FREE SHIRTS!!, plus so much fucking more!!! Check it out here

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lip Gloss

Look out! We're changing it up with our first documentary ever and we cut deep for this one! We watch 1992s drag queen slice-of-life docu directed by Lois Siegel --- Lip Gloss!!! Plus: Catch and Release, a (mostly) gay edition of Song on Trial, Gender Blender What Movie Is This?, James Best's Best Movies Ever, Listener Feedback, suicide pacts, blood orgies, Blue Vengeance, Einstein's Brain, Mermaid Movies, we learn where Grandpa's Place is actually located, and so much more!!!    Leave us a voicemail at (724)246-4669!! Leave us a 5 star review and we'll read it on the show! We love you, make good choices! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rock House

More Dad-sploitation! We dive deeper down the VHS vanity project rabbit hole with 1988 straight to video Rock House AKA Deadly Addiction!!  Plus Catch and Release, PG Boobs, Songs on Trial, James Best, listener feedback and What Movie is This - with Daisy the voice of the Dark Web - all drug addiction movies edition!

Leave us a voicemail at (724)246-4669!! listen in here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tough Guys Don't Dance

The gang dives into the dumb Dabbbbid Lynch flick, written and directed by Norman Mailer, plus big dogs walking in that pussy, Gary Busy fun film fact, a special 'tough guy' edition of What Movie is This, reviews of the latest DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming releases, super fan voice mail and so much more! We'll make a cocksucker outta you here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Suspicious Death of a Minor

Talking dogs, sandwiches, social media, hard drinking with Gerard Depardieu, Italian heavy metal and Australian PG boobs. All this, plus an insane 1975 Giallo-meets-Italo Crime-meets-Slapstick Comedy film from Sergio Martino! Check it out here!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


CALL US ON OUR NEW HOTLINE! (724)2GO-GO69 or (724) 246-4669 !!! #53’s Feature Presentation is the stupidest film EVER about mind-controlled, steroid-using wrestlers, that moonlight as criminals -- and we mean that in the best way!!!! SUPERFIGHTS (1997)!!!!!!   Plus:  Catch and Release, Fun Film Fact, Deluxe Edition of Songs On Trial, James Best, Listener Feedback and more!!!!! Songs On Trial: Beauregarde - I Got Something (1971)  Neoandertals - Homo Floresiensis MOTLEY CRUE - Glitter (1997) Dwn2earth - Frosty (2018)  Gerry Rafferty - Get Out of My Life Woman (1992) Daniel Lavoie - 100 Kilowatts (1992)   Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (1990)  Big Smo - Hick Ross (2014). Listen in here.