Saturday, December 24, 2016


The season is upon us, folks. The often dreaded but mostly celebrated holiday known as Christmas is here. And it's our very first at the Companeros Compound! Between the spiced rum and red and green M&M cookies, we sat around debating what we should cover for this most holy of holidays. And believe me, we were not coming up short on ideas.

Agreeing that the evil Santa thing was well covered, we dove deep into our VHS archives to see what we had laying around. "Here's an occult themed Christmas movie" said one cast member. "Here's some traditional Nazi Christmas exploitation" said another. "Hey, we haven't done any light incest in a while. Maybe this one will do" said  Drew  another cast member.

We argued. We fought. We drank more rum. All the while one cast member sat in the corner listening while stroking their fake Santa beard. "Guys, listen. There's no need to argue. We can have the occult. We can have Nazis. And yes, even incest. We can watch...Elves!" And that's exactly what we did.

Naturally, we also review the latest and greatest movies coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray, talk about our recent film binges, look at some PG Boobs, Check in with James Best, listen to some possibly awful Christmas Songs on Trial(featuring a breakout performance by our very own Drew Buzzy), and Jake fills us in on that Rambo Christmas cartoon we all forgot existed, and if that's not enough reasons to celebrate, this episode features to the return of original cast member, Roger!

So put some whiskey in that egg nog while you listen in here!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Star Kid

Leave it to Zoey to fuck up our usual rotation of exploitation, action, cult and comedy films by choosing a kids movie. Yet somehow, Star Kid fits right in. Kind of like how the alien suit fits the kid perfectly. But unlike a high tech interface ala Iron Man, this suit features a rather disturbing reverse-necronomicon talking face that's like one inch away from the kids head, making for some truly demented conversations. Featuring a heavy amount of awesome practical effects coupled with hijinx typical of any coming of age story, Star Kid is definitely out of this world! On the other hand, it might just be a shitty 90's movie that was forgotten for a good reason.

But if kids in organic robot suits isn't your thing(and you're not alone judging by the cast reaction)don't worry. We've got the goods on everything from Clark Gable's bad breath to Milla Jovovich's tits to Drew's crush on Daniel Radcliffe. Not to mention the best and worst releases coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD, some truly awful(or excellent)music, James Best's List of the Best Movies Ever, Companeros Mini Movie Review and so much more! Check it out here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Satan's Cheerleaders

Satanism on a budget is something we're used to at the Companeros Compound. In fact, we like it that way. Anything over ten grand sounds a little too easy to us. It's far more interesting to see what someone like Graydon Clark can do with a used car loan, a group of unknown girls and like, ten days to shoot the entire thing.

Squeaky Dave selected and hosts the breakdown to this drive-in gem in our latest stellar episode of your favorite podcast. And as usual we have installments of everyone's favorite segments; In Songs on Trial, we learn that Emmanuel Lewis is a robot(kind of suspected that but whatever), Dr. Sunggles lets us in on Joan Crawford's big secret(never suspected that), and Zoey ties in Russ Meyer to 1980's zany laugh fest Airplane(OK, we'll bite).

We've got more fan service(or maybe not)with our Companeros Mini Movie Review, James Best meets Sir Sean Connery(or does he?), and of course we review the latest goods and garbage coming out on DVD and Blu Ray. Check it out!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

If you've ever wondered what an action movie would look like dressed up as a horror movie, look no further that the rather odd Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. With something closer to dream logic than actual plot points, Day of Reckoning dares to tell a story without the help of character development, motivation, or even a hint of anything occurring in any of the previous UniSol films. The result is the worlds first accidental surrealist-action-horror film. It's not so much action 'on acid' as it is action 'on bath salts'.

Luckily, before diving into this hot mess, the gang has a few laughs with our usual bag of tricks; Catch and Release takes a look at the latest offerings on DVD and Blu-Ray, James Best gets married to a computer, Zoey shows us some satanic boobs and Dr. Snuggles share a very special Fun Film Fact! We also listen to some great, if not terrible music, give some more fan service with our mini movie review and so much more! Check it out!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Microwave Massacre

With our thirteenth episode, the gang takes a close look at the timeless holiday tradition of cannibalism! But 1983's Microwave Massacre is so much more than a simple foodie movie. It's also a prime example of DIY filmmaking and self-aware comedy that's so un-funny, it's actually hilarious.

But our Halloween extravaganza doesn't end there. With Catch and Release, we take a look at the latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases..including the ones we strongly suggest not watching. Michael J. Fox plays doctor in our PG Boobs segment, James Best drops a few clues as to where he's been, Dr. Snuggles lays another Fun Film Fact on us, and we have a very special "all cult" edition of Songs on Trail featuring music by all your favorite cult leaders!

We're also proud to provide our very first taste of fan service with our Mini Movie Review of Night Game based on a request by one of you! Thanks, super fans. Keep 'em coming by hitting us up on our Facebook page. We're here to serve! Have a listen here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bachelor Flat

It happens sometimes. You and your friends think you have everything in common. And then some random topic comes up and the room is instantly polarized. What do you do? Argue your point until your blue in the face? Pistols at dawn? Well here at the Companeros Compound we just laugh it off. Because we're progressive like that.

Our newest esteemed cast member Dr. Snuggles unwittingly divided the room with his selection of the 1962 squeaky clean sex romp, Bachelor Flat which concerns a traditionally stuffy British professor living in America and a horde of American ladies who simply adore him for whatever reason. The film is what it is and your either going to love it or hate it as far as we can tell. Most of  the gang hated it. But a few of us looooved it. Go figure.

But if film theory isn't your thing, well just relax kids cuz there's PG Boobs. And as promised, today's topic is Adrienne Barbeau's boobs! We also have part two of our Celebrity Songs on Trial which clearly proves talent is quite definitely overrated. Or not. Again with the polarized room...

And of course with Catch and Release, we look at the latest and greatest new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as the worthless crap Hollywood and the weirdo religious film industry has to offer. And we have another brilliant installment of our newest segment, Companeros Fun Film Fact and so much more!

So listen to this..dare I say controversial episode here. And come hang out with us and tell us what you thought on our Facebook page!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Terror Eyes

As the old saying goes, you can't judge a book by it's cover. But can the same be said about VHS box art? I don't think so. You see something like 1989's Terror Eyes and you definitely judge it. And if you're anything like our Shea, you buy it, no questions asked. Because it looks fucking awesome. Or terrible. The thing is, around the Companeros Compound....there's not much of a difference.

And in case this shot on film, shot on video, shot on film anthology isn't enough for you, don't worry. We brought our usual bag of tricks and party favors to pepper our little party; James Best's List of the Best Movies, PG Boobs, Catch and Release, Songs on trial..and even better..Jake couldn't make it... so no Anime!

But that's not all because the gang's newest member, Alistair(aka Dr. Snuggles)treats us to a brand new segment: Companeros Fun Film Fact! Today, we'll learn all about why Milton Berle was such a big deal around Hollywood. Enjoy the show here.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Parole Violators

For our tenth stellar episode, resident VHS Hoarder, Justin selected one of his personal favorites; 1994's straight to video stunt-filled no-budget Z-grade gold, Parole Violators, and it didn't take long for it to become a house favorite at the Companeros Compound. I don't think the gang has sat through anything this weird since we covered Nightmare Weekend in our debut episode.

An ex-cop and part time cable access T.V. host -who moonlights as the cities own Video Cop-deploys his own brand of justice as he tracks down and busts a never ending hoard of parole violators, catching them in the act...and on video! And that's just the first 30 minutes of this non-stop DIY action extravaganza.

And as usual, we plow through some of the worst(or best?)music ever made(with Shea stepping in as judge), check out the latest and greatest DVD and Blu-Ray releases, listen to a heartfelt plea from James Best's mom, take a close look at Daryl Hannah's boobs, and of course, yet another attempt by Jake to convince Matt to like anime.

It's non-stop laughs and hijinks as the gang knocks another episode out of the court. Have a listen here.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Over the Summer

This week Matt dug deep into his VHS collection and pulled out a real gem! But then he put it back and grabbed Over the Summer instead. Actually I'd call it a forgotten classic, but I can't because no one even remembers it. Bada-bing!

Seriously though, as far as obscure film goes, this one definitely fell through the cracks. In fact no one associated with it did anything film related after this awkward coming of age film, making 1984's Over the Summer a rare bird indeed. And honestly, it's worth seeing.

But of course, it wouldn't be a show without our wonderful cast, and to make up for the fact that a few of our standards had something better to do(making toast, staring at the wall, etc..), we imported Alistair AKA Dr. Snuggles all the way from Australia to join us!

And as usual we check out the best and worse DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the week, James Best delivers his Best movies list, Jake rambles on and on about some anime movie, and  a very special edition of PG Boobs introducing our first venture into the world of PG-13 boobs. Have a listen here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spring Break

This week we hand the reins over to Squeaky Dave who takes straight to Florida for 1983's teen sex comedy, Spring Break!

And of course we have our usual picnic basket of fun times; James Best's List of Best Movies, PG Boobs, Catch and Release, Jake tries to Convince Matt to Like Anime and so, so much more, super fans.

So sit back, strap in and let the good times roll! Have a listen here

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Boy do we have a thrill-a-minute-super-sized-jam-packed with fun episode for you today! Heather selected 1988's Pin for our viewing pleasure, and what a pleasure it was! In addition to our stellar cast, we have special guest Damon Packard, director of Spacedisco One, Reflections of Evil etc..

Although Damon faded out half way through the episode, you wont, dear listener. You'll want to stick around for our new exciting segment In Search of the Perfect Podcast! where we take a clinical look at our competition.

And of course we have Catch and Release where the gang takes a look at some of the best..and worse new to DVD/Blu-Ray offerings, Songs on Trial where we literally judge...what some people might call music, James Best breaks down the new Ghostbusters which may or may not contain spoilers, and of course the ever popular PG Boobs where Zoey reminds us what a treat Uma Thurman is. Join in on the fun here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Female Bunch

This episode the gang tackles Al Adamson's 1969 drive-in oddity, The Female Bunch. The 60's and 70's were full of excellent exploitation films and this may or may not be one of them! It's up to the gang, and you, dear listener to decide.

But that's not all, folks. We have Songs on Trial, PG Boobs, Jake Tries to Convince Matt to Like Anime, James Best's Best Movies Ever and a whole...bunch more! This weeks special guest is Anna's friend Shea making her debut on Companeros. There's laughs galore in this action packed fun female filled episode. Have a listen here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Showdown in Little Tokyo

On our latest journey into the world of questionable cinema, we look under the hood of 1991's cop-buddy(buddy cop?)action adventure extravaganza, Showdown in Little Tokyo. On one hand, there's nothing new here. On the other hand, that might be because it already has everything you need.

Check it out right here.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Welcome to the hot mess that is Backtrack, the 1990 Dennis Hopper-directed film that was originally so bad, it came out under the infamous Allan Smithee moniker as Catchfire.

This film polarized the cast. That's how WTF it is. Even Drew who's seen it four times couldn't give it our highest rating. Nevertheless, Backtrack has it's moments. First of all, Jodie Foster gets naked..twice. Second, it has, like everyone in it. John Turturro, Fred Ward, Catherine Keener(for two seconds), Dean Stockwell, Vincent Price, Bob Dylan(as a chainsaw artist), Joe Pesci and Charlie Sheen.

It's the ultimate 1990 black-comedy fail. Or it's great! Or just OK. Doesn't really matter because we also have PG Boobs, Songs on Trial and super special guests, Squeaky Dave and Alistair Wallis from Movies About Girls fame! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Road to Revenge

What can be said about this A-list Z-grade John De Hart vanity film? More than you think. That's for sure. Like the cover art, it's as amazing as it is terrible. Join the gang as we peel the onion otherwise known as..Road to Revenge. Check it out.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Hidden

This week the gang checks out 1987's underrated gem The Hidden starring the always adorable Kyle MacLachlan as an F.BI. agent who's simply..out of this world! But that's not all, folks. We take a look at some PG rated boobs, review the latest Blu Ray, DVD and streaming releases, visit the porn store via Roger's memories, listen to weird music and enjoy another installment of James Best's best movie list. Check it out.

Nightmare Weekend

In our debut episode, the gang takes on 1986's techno horror fever-dream Nightmare Weekend. But the fun doesn't end there. We take a look at a fresh catch of new and re-released movies, give some weird music a day in court, stroll down porn store memory lane and explore the strange world of PG nudity. Check it out.