Saturday, June 25, 2016


Welcome to the hot mess that is Backtrack, the 1990 Dennis Hopper-directed film that was originally so bad, it came out under the infamous Allan Smithee moniker as Catchfire.

This film polarized the cast. That's how WTF it is. Even Drew who's seen it four times couldn't give it our highest rating. Nevertheless, Backtrack has it's moments. First of all, Jodie Foster gets naked..twice. Second, it has, like everyone in it. John Turturro, Fred Ward, Catherine Keener(for two seconds), Dean Stockwell, Vincent Price, Bob Dylan(as a chainsaw artist), Joe Pesci and Charlie Sheen.

It's the ultimate 1990 black-comedy fail. Or it's great! Or just OK. Doesn't really matter because we also have PG Boobs, Songs on Trial and super special guests, Squeaky Dave and Alistair Wallis from Movies About Girls fame! Enjoy!