Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Boy do we have a thrill-a-minute-super-sized-jam-packed with fun episode for you today! Heather selected 1988's Pin for our viewing pleasure, and what a pleasure it was! In addition to our stellar cast, we have special guest Damon Packard, director of Spacedisco One, Reflections of Evil etc..

Although Damon faded out half way through the episode, you wont, dear listener. You'll want to stick around for our new exciting segment In Search of the Perfect Podcast! where we take a clinical look at our competition.

And of course we have Catch and Release where the gang takes a look at some of the best..and worse new to DVD/Blu-Ray offerings, Songs on Trial where we literally judge...what some people might call music, James Best breaks down the new Ghostbusters which may or may not contain spoilers, and of course the ever popular PG Boobs where Zoey reminds us what a treat Uma Thurman is. Join in on the fun here.

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