Thursday, September 1, 2016

Over the Summer

This week Matt dug deep into his VHS collection and pulled out a real gem! But then he put it back and grabbed Over the Summer instead. Actually I'd call it a forgotten classic, but I can't because no one even remembers it. Bada-bing!

Seriously though, as far as obscure film goes, this one definitely fell through the cracks. In fact no one associated with it did anything film related after this awkward coming of age film, making 1984's Over the Summer a rare bird indeed. And honestly, it's worth seeing.

But of course, it wouldn't be a show without our wonderful cast, and to make up for the fact that a few of our standards had something better to do(making toast, staring at the wall, etc..), we imported Alistair AKA Dr. Snuggles all the way from Australia to join us!

And as usual we check out the best and worse DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the week, James Best delivers his Best movies list, Jake rambles on and on about some anime movie, and  a very special edition of PG Boobs introducing our first venture into the world of PG-13 boobs. Have a listen here.

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