Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bachelor Flat

It happens sometimes. You and your friends think you have everything in common. And then some random topic comes up and the room is instantly polarized. What do you do? Argue your point until your blue in the face? Pistols at dawn? Well here at the Companeros Compound we just laugh it off. Because we're progressive like that.

Our newest esteemed cast member Dr. Snuggles unwittingly divided the room with his selection of the 1962 squeaky clean sex romp, Bachelor Flat which concerns a traditionally stuffy British professor living in America and a horde of American ladies who simply adore him for whatever reason. The film is what it is and your either going to love it or hate it as far as we can tell. Most of  the gang hated it. But a few of us looooved it. Go figure.

But if film theory isn't your thing, well just relax kids cuz there's PG Boobs. And as promised, today's topic is Adrienne Barbeau's boobs! We also have part two of our Celebrity Songs on Trial which clearly proves talent is quite definitely overrated. Or not. Again with the polarized room...

And of course with Catch and Release, we look at the latest and greatest new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as the worthless crap Hollywood and the weirdo religious film industry has to offer. And we have another brilliant installment of our newest segment, Companeros Fun Film Fact and so much more!

So listen to this..dare I say controversial episode here. And come hang out with us and tell us what you thought on our Facebook page!

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