Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Microwave Massacre

With our thirteenth episode, the gang takes a close look at the timeless holiday tradition of cannibalism! But 1983's Microwave Massacre is so much more than a simple foodie movie. It's also a prime example of DIY filmmaking and self-aware comedy that's so un-funny, it's actually hilarious.

But our Halloween extravaganza doesn't end there. With Catch and Release, we take a look at the latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases..including the ones we strongly suggest not watching. Michael J. Fox plays doctor in our PG Boobs segment, James Best drops a few clues as to where he's been, Dr. Snuggles lays another Fun Film Fact on us, and we have a very special "all cult" edition of Songs on Trail featuring music by all your favorite cult leaders!

We're also proud to provide our very first taste of fan service with our Mini Movie Review of Night Game based on a request by one of you! Thanks, super fans. Keep 'em coming by hitting us up on our Facebook page. We're here to serve! Have a listen here.

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