Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Satan's Cheerleaders

Satanism on a budget is something we're used to at the Companeros Compound. In fact, we like it that way. Anything over ten grand sounds a little too easy to us. It's far more interesting to see what someone like Graydon Clark can do with a used car loan, a group of unknown girls and like, ten days to shoot the entire thing.

Squeaky Dave selected and hosts the breakdown to this drive-in gem in our latest stellar episode of your favorite podcast. And as usual we have installments of everyone's favorite segments; In Songs on Trial, we learn that Emmanuel Lewis is a robot(kind of suspected that but whatever), Dr. Sunggles lets us in on Joan Crawford's big secret(never suspected that), and Zoey ties in Russ Meyer to 1980's zany laugh fest Airplane(OK, we'll bite).

We've got more fan service(or maybe not)with our Companeros Mini Movie Review, James Best meets Sir Sean Connery(or does he?), and of course we review the latest goods and garbage coming out on DVD and Blu Ray. Check it out!

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