Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Borrower

Welcome to another very special episode of Companeros! This week we have a special guest. Amanda! That's right Amanda from Movies About Girls and the amazing Made for TV Mayhem!

Plus our very own Shea covers the long forgotten 1991 VHS The Borrower. Depending on your taste, this movie might just be home in VHS wasteland or seriously needs a Blu-Ray re-release. Either way, it's an essential film if your a hardcore Rae Dawn Chong fan.

We also Catch and Release the latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases, look at some PG Boobs, listen to some Songs on Trial, check in with James Best and so much more! Come hangout with the gang here!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Lady Terminator

This episode marks the 20th episode of Companeros! That's no small potatoes in podcastland. It's like a hundred years in dog years. If the dog lived to nine hundred years or something. OK, we're getting side tracked with podcast physics. At any rate we've had nothing but fun making our show and we're so glad you, dear fans, are along for the ride.

And speaking of rides, boy do we have a humdinger for you today. The gang takes on 1989's Indonesian lo-fi/sci-fi/local superstition mash up, Lady Terminator! Seriously hang on to your hats for this one. It's resemblance to the Terminator movie you're thinking of is minimal at best. But seriously this movie is not without it's charm. As in a an ancient cursed charm! Or something like that at least.

And of course we also take you on our journey through the latest and maybe not so greatest new DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the week with Catch and Release, take a listen to a few of our latest custody cases with Songs on Trial, Zoey tells us all about the six PG Boobs in Logan's Run, James Best watches a movie..more than once, and Dr. Snuggles gives us another amazing Fun Film Fact. And most disappointingly, Matt tries to dethrone Drew Buzzy and Zoey as Friends Trivia champs. Which may or may not have worked. Check it out here.