Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cyber Bandits

You can probably bet Robert Hays(you remember him as the star of Airplane)was at a low point in his career when he took the role of bad guy in Cyber Bandits. I bet he was even more disappointed when his name appeared last on the box art(as seen above). Sure, I guess as far as name-dropping is concerned, Grace Jones and yes, even Adam Ant are pretty good choices if you're going to try and sell your movie on star power alone. But seeing as Adam Ant is only in the film for like five minutes and Grace Jones' performance is...well embarrassing to say the least, it's actually almost factual that Robert Hays is the best thing going for this film. I mean, who the fuck is Martin Kemp?

At any rate, what we have here is one of the worst films that the poor Companeros have ever had to sit through. And it's all thanks to Dr. Snuggles, who this time around...did not have great ideas. That is unless you're Zoey who for some strange reason loved it. Go figure.

Nevertheless, as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And so most of us must look like the Hulk at this point. But in case you had the pleasure of not having to sit through this obviously straight-to-video attempt to capitalize on the 90's fascination with virtual reality, well lets just say you didn't miss much.

But don't worry, the show itself isn't as bad as the movie. We brought our usual bag of tricks to the party. Reviews of the latest gold and garbage released on Blu-Ray and DVD, verdicts on some questionable music you've never heard before(brought to us by Jared of Clinton Street Records fame), some fun film facts and some other stuff we're forgetting right now because we're still thinking of shitty scenes from that movie. Doesn't matter. The gang sticks together and has good times. Come hang out with us here!

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