Monday, April 17, 2017

America's Deadliest Home Video

Well folks, we've turned 25! OK, not really but in podcastland 25 episodes is pretty cool. And we owe it all to you, dear listener. Without you we'd have no show. That's why we went through hundreds of fan letters in search of our next feature film to celebrate this joyous moment.

Unfortunately none of you suggested anything good. So Matt pulled out one of his all time favorite VHS gems, 1993's America's Deadliest Home Video starring Danny Bonaduce. Depending on who you ask, this shot on video movie is either a cutting edge film that would go on to chance Hollywood forever, or it's one of many examples of attempted cash grabs during the heyday of straight to video releases. Again with the polarized cast. In one corner we have Justin and Matt defending the film to the very end. In the other, strangely Drew Buzzy, Zoey and special guest Jared of Clinton Street Records were nonplussed by the experience.

This episode of Companeros features Zoey as the only girl in the cast so it's her turn to wield the Buzz-Gavel for our Songs on Trail segment. Jared provided us with some truly great bad music to judge and it may or may not have been a little too good. And of course we review the best and worst movies out now on Blu Ray, DVD and streaming services, listen to James Best's attempts to get us to not watch a movie, Dr. Snuggles teaches us an important Fun Film Fact about Julie Strain and so much more kiddies! Check it out here.

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