Monday, April 17, 2017

Vice Adademy

For this episode, Drew Buzzy selects Rick Sloane's 1989 low budget alternate universe Police Academy spoof, Vice Academy! And boy does the gang go to work over-analyzing this no brainer film. The result? Another divided cast with both enthusiastic "hated it" votes and a few reluctant members who didn't want to love it but did.

But seriously, what's not to love? It's a Linnea Quigley movie made by the guy who made Hobgoblins! However, Jake and special guest Siobhan(aka Mrs. Dr. Snuggles)seemed to be unaffected by this colossal amount of win/win goodness. Oh well.

But in case you're a weirdo like them, don't worry kids. We've got more than enough entertainment for you within this exciting episode. We review the latest goodies and baddies out now on DVD and Blu Ray, look at a set of very nice PG Boobs, visit with James and Linda Best, and take a listen to our latest batch of Voicemail including not only a call from out biggest fan, Fishtank Steve, but calls from both Droopy Dog and the late great President Obama! Wow! We have hit the bigtime!

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