Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Well folks, it was bound to happen. Some Companero at some point was invariably going to pick a movie that involves incest. But usually when that happens, the subject shows up as some sort of side story or a one-off incident that informs the main plot in some way. It's not normally thee plot! Leave it to our very own Alistair to find that line and cross right over it. Starring the undeniably hot, yet realistically insane Pia Zadora, 1982's Butterfly definitely pushes us right out of our semi-comfortable 'light incest podcast' status and straight into controversial territory...sort of.

But don't worry, dear listeners, if incest isn't your thing, you still have our usual round up of fun segments to listen to. Squeaky Dave lets us in on the newest Catch and Release movies out there, Zoey reminds us to check out Jame Fonda's outerspace PG Boobs, the cast judges weird music with Songs on Trial, the one and only Dr. Snuggles gives us another dose of Fun Film Facts, and on top off all of that, we play a brand new game called What Movie is This?

So come hang out with us for our 30th episode and join in on the fun! Just don't listen to it with your dad. Check it out here.

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