Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Killing Spree

Well folks, we've finally crossed the gore line. While it's true we've touched on gore at least once or twice in our illustrious podcasting career, we've never really focused on it entirely as a subject. And so yes, gore fans, your dream has come true. This time around, our very own superstar and resident horror film aficionado, Shea takes us on a fast ride to hell with Tim Ritter's 1987 straight to video masterpiece Killing Spree.

But don't worry, if your like Drew Buzzy and aren't naturally drawn to low budget death scenes, we still have a plethora of  totally unrelated funnies for you. We take a look at the newest and 'ewwinst' DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming releases out there now for our viewing pleasures with Catch and Release, we check out Angelina Jolie's PG Boobs in 1995's Hackers, listen to another great Fun Film Fact with Dr. Snuggles, which this time concerns the original Wednesday Addams' future make-up artist porn...hmmm.

Next we listen to another batch of controversial music from our popular Songs on Trial segment...which starts yet another fight between Heather and thanks for that, Jarred.

And back by popular demand, another round of everyone's favorite new game What Movie is This? So sit down, strap in and get ready for our gore filled, laugh fortified episode of your favorite podcast, Companeros!

We seriously love our fans by the way. Contact us! And listen here if you're new.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Love Witch

So let's face it. When covering a ton of exploitation films, as we clearly do, we often end up having to deal with sexism. A little. Okay, a lot. And incest apparently. So when our very own Zoey picked 2016's The Love Witch as our next film it was like a breathe of fresh air. An exploitation movie directed by a woman. Finally. Or is it? I mean, yes, it's written, directed, set and edited by the soon to be legendary Anna Biller, but frankly, no it isn't an exploitation film at all. A feminist take of the genre then? Hmmm. No, no really. Art film? Okay, getting closer. But no matter what it is, you'd be flat wrong if you didn't acknowledge the fact that it's fucking amazing.

On top of this monumental moment(as in covering a movie that is actually current), we of course have our usual smattering of good times and fun gags. We cover the latest and maybe no so greatest new releases with Catch and Release, listen to some witchy Songs on Trial, Do a little Companeros Mini-Movie Review and play our new exciting game What Movie is This?

And...if you love gun violence, you'll love our unfortunate one-off segment Actual Gunshots from Next Door! True story. And hopefully it will be the only time this happens. Stay safe, America. And check out the show here.