Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Carrier

So you know those movies where "black things" infect people and then the town has to wrap themselves in plastic and start bartering over cats so they can test walls and furniture to determine if they are "red objects" or safe? No? You don't know those movies? Makes perfect sense because they don't exist. Except for one. 1988's The Carrier. Part 1950's public scare movie. Part David Lynch weirdness played totally straight, there's just nothing else like it.

Our very own Zoey does the break down. But in case stop-motion spiders melting in frying pans, killer books and shrubs or suicide by touching a tree isn't your thing, we've also got our usual bag of tricks for you: Catch and Release, Fun Film Facts, PG Boobs, Songs on Trial, songs about cats, What Movie is This and so much more.

So get your plastic outfit out, grab a cat and check it out here.

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